Homemade Bread

Today was the perfect day to make some homemade bread! It is stormy outside so spending some time in the kitchen seems a great idea (plus the smell of homemade bread is nice)!

Here is my bread recipe:

1 2/3 cups of water

2 tsp. of salt

2 tsp. of sugar

1/2 cup dark (or light) rye flour

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

3 1/2 cups of white flour

2 tsp. of dry yeast

With this recipe I always use the bread maker to just make the dough! If you don’t own a bread maker you can also make it by hand of course.

Once the dough is finished I take it out of the pan and knead it thoroughly and form two loafs (or one big one or even some small buns) and place them onto the baking sheet which I have previously lined with baking paper. I cover the loaves with a clean tea towel which I made wet with warm water and wrung out!

This is the time when I fill a Pyrex form, (or another dish that can be placed in the oven) with about 2″ of water. Place that on the top rack in the oven and turn  the oven on to  370F! In about 20-30 minutes the bread is ready to be baked. Cut slits or a pattern onto your risen loafs and place them on the bottom rack. It takes my oven 35 minutes and the breads are baked. A good way to find out is to take one bread out and knock on the bottom. If it sounds “hollow” it is baked through! Take the loafs out and place on rack to cool. If you make buns instead, 20 min. bake time is probably enough.

PS: The water that you placed into the oven when you turned it on, makes a really nice crunchy crust from the steam it creates! Enjoy. If something is unclear email me.




Cement anyone?


I had concrete (get it -concrete-) 😉  plans almost a year ago when this whole thing started and turned into an addiction; sort of! Since then I created numerous items and I just can’t quit as more ideas pop up! Guess what my friends get for Christmas, their Birthdays etc….?   Here are just a few images. The first one can be used as a cake stand or to showcase just about anything. The tray can be used in all sorts of ways also.  I like it near the entrance where it keeps all the “small stuff” on it like keys, change etc.. Since I love candle light I had to make some candle holders and I prettied (is that even a word? Well it is now!) it up with a little bird sitting on a tree branch. Some of my favorite items are the bookends/or door stoppers/or just….. with the Smurfs. Aren’t they adorable?  Oh and by the way, I did not paint those tulips or that bird (me paint? Freehand? = Nope!) I used  the -napkin technique- to decoupage paper napkins onto some of my creations! Neat eh? Step by step to follow …


I have been playing around with my camera and a glass marble in Bayfield Ontario. If you ever spend time along the shores of Lake Huron (and you really should :-)), Bayfield is a must to visit! It is a gorgeous little town with many unique shops, amazing restaurants and wonderful people! The sunsets along the lake are absolutely stunning…

Bayfield Townhall

Sunset from the Kayak 16-06-2014 9-08-24 PM 4608x2592