Sunflowers differently…

As a photographer I am always on the lookout for cool photo opportunities. This past fall I decided to let two of my sunflowers that seemed pretty sturdy, standing in my garden instead of pulling them out. I was hoping to photograph them with a nice -hat- of snow on top of them sometime during  winter! At the end of November I received a large crate full of all sorts of Christmas lights from a neighbor. I wanted to use them up but where?  Taddaaa! Who needs a Christmas tree if you have sunflowers eh?




Unfortunately there was never enough snow on top of their heads the way I was hoping because of all the wind we have down here near the lake. I did not do anything to the photo and actually like the orange hue in the snow…

– just a little different –


I have been playing around with my camera and a glass marble in Bayfield Ontario. If you ever spend time along the shores of Lake Huron (and you really should :-)), Bayfield is a must to visit! It is a gorgeous little town with many unique shops, amazing restaurants and wonderful people! The sunsets along the lake are absolutely stunning…

Bayfield Townhall

Sunset from the Kayak 16-06-2014 9-08-24 PM 4608x2592



Fall is a wonderful time of year. A sign that slower times are ahead on the farm, as soon as winter knocks on the door. Unless of course it surprises us early that’s when you see us scramble!