Happy 1st of Advent! I always make some kind of Advent decoration for the table. This a bit different than usual. It is not a wreath with greenery and red candles! It also took me longer to gather the materials than to actually make my take on the Advent-wreath, ha! I got some hay at the barn and placed some of it into a flat tray. (I like to use trays as I can easely move it around and put it somewhere else when we eat). Then I added some of my cement candleholders that I made recently; with white candles in it. I love little angels and so this one got to lay in my tray :-). You might have something else around that you would like to place in your tray? Maybe some small trinkets or even some items that you might have hanging in your Christmas tree? Lastly I used some paper stars that I have cut out of an old book (I can not just watch TV; I always have to do something while I do that!). I used some copper thread on my sewing machine and sewed them into a garland, leaving about 3-4″ of thread between paperstars.Voila! If you have any questions about this; as always, just ask!


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