Candleholders and Saltcrystals


I tried something new this week and it was kind of a fun thing to do….and cheap. Want to try it? Get a plain glasscontainer and add about 1/4″ of salt and then add water, just enough to moisten the salt.

Put the glasscontainer in a warm spot. Depending how warm it is it might take up to a week until the saltcrystals have formed all the way up! I put one jar in front of the fireplace  (but not to close) and it litereally grew about 1 1/2″ in a day! If the jar is not covered in crystals all the way up and nothing seems to happen, add a bit more salt and water and let sit…and grow.


Do you like the look of the glass? If you are tired of it just soak the glass and wash it off. Have fun with it.

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