Cold Dog (unbaked chocolate cake)

This is another one of my favourite recipes that my mom used to make! It is simple and a great cake to make ahead. It keeps well in the fridge.

This is what you’ll need to make the cream filling:

– 250 g Coconut oil

– 1 pk of Vanilla sugar

– 40 g Cocoa

– 40 g Chocolate powder for hot chocolate

(if you like dark chocolate, use 75 g of Cocoa and no chocolate powder instead)

– 1 dash of salt

– 120 powdered sugar

– 2 eggs

– 1 Tbsp of Rum (Optional)

You will also need:

1 – 1 1/2 packages of -Social Tea biscuits- (the ones in this picture I bought at Loblaws) but No Frills for example, has them too; the box just looks different.


Line your bunt form/loaf pan (or similar) with parchment paper and put aside. Do a “dry run” on how many biscuits fit into the form you have; you might have to cut biscuits with a segregated knife to fill the whole length of the form properly.

Melt Coconut oil on very low temperature on your stove, let cool completely, put into bowl of Kitchenaid or similar. Add Vanilla Sugar, Cocoa, Chocolate powder, Salt, Powdered Sugar.

Mix well

add the two eggs and keep stirring

It will be a nice creamy mixture.

I usually start with a layer of biscuits (in the original recipe it says start with cream). It is a little messy at the beginning no matter how you begin.

Layer cream and biscuits the way you see it in the pictures. You could decorate the top with some excess filling or use a stencil to decorate it a bit instead.

Cover the finished cake with foil and put it into the fridge for at least two hours.

Take out of form and cut only with a serrated knife or it will be difficult to cut through the biscuits.

A wonderful cake to enjoy with a coffee, tea or a glass of milk! Enjoy.

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