Cement anyone?


I had concrete (get it -concrete-) ūüėČ ¬†plans almost a year ago when this whole thing started and turned into an addiction; sort of! Since then I created numerous items¬†and I just can’t quit as more ideas pop up! Guess what my friends get for Christmas, their Birthdays etc….? ¬† Here are just a few images. The first one can be used as a cake stand or to showcase just about anything. The tray can be used in all sorts of ways also. ¬†I like it near¬†the entrance where it keeps all the “small stuff”¬†on it like keys, change etc.. Since I love candle light I had to make some candle holders and I¬†prettied (is that even a word? Well it is now!) it up with a little bird sitting on a tree branch. Some of my favorite items are the bookends/or door stoppers/or just….. with the Smurfs. Aren’t they adorable? ¬†Oh and by the way, I did not paint those tulips or that bird (me paint? Freehand? = Nope!) I used ¬†the -napkin technique-¬†to¬†decoupage paper napkins onto some of my creations! Neat eh? Step by step to follow …


I have been playing around with my camera and a glass marble in Bayfield Ontario. If you ever spend¬†time along the shores of Lake Huron (and you really should :-)),¬†Bayfield is a must to visit! It is a gorgeous little town with many unique shops, amazing restaurants and wonderful people! The sunsets along the lake are absolutely stunning…

Bayfield Townhall

Sunset from the Kayak 16-06-2014 9-08-24 PM 4608x2592



Fall is a wonderful time of year. A sign that slower times are ahead on the farm, as soon as winter knocks on¬†the door. Unless of course it surprises us early that’s when you see us scramble!