Fall Crafts…



As I drove down the side road the other day  I noticed all those -wild- apple trees just loaded with small apples, some of them are crab apples I believe. This is where the idea came from to turn some of those apples  into a wreath and use them to decorate around the entrance to our house. Maybe you’ll go for a walk or a drive this weekend also? They are free and who does not like free? ;-). After they don’t look so good anymore I’ll take them off the wire and they’ll end up in the compost!

All you need is a strong wire (you decide how large the wreath will be) and some pliers. It will take you 10 minutes max! Bend one end of the wire into a loop and with the other side you start “threading” the apples by poking through the sides of each apple and coming out the opposite side. Keep going until the wreath is almost full; join the two ends of the wire and bend into a second loop with the pliers, voila! As always if you  have a question about this; please ask.






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