Sedum wreath…

My garden is full of beautiful Sedum  and as I am kind of on “call” today on the farm and have to stay put, I started this project outside on the porch on this gorgeous day! It did not take much time to finish at all; maybe 1/2 hour! All you need is:

  • Some Sedum (3-4 big heads)
  • Wire (that won’t rust)
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Twine

You start by making a loop with your wire and join the ends. (You decide how big or how small your wreath will be). Next you snip 2-3 handfuls of small Sedum florets  Tie your twine  securely onto the wire and start wrapping 2-3 florets stems at the time. Wrap tightly. Keep going until you are all around the whole wire ring! Knot the string tightly and snip it off. Now place your wreath in a dish with some water and enjoy it for a while…..wreath1a

Ups…and some twine…





Find a nice plate,  add some water and place your wreath in it… and maybe a candle or something else?





As always; if anything is unclear or you have a question just drop me a line….

Happy Sunday!

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